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Sound Shop Studio
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Background Information


Josh Ford


145777 N. Gratiot Avenue












The Sound Shop Studio is a recording studio located in Macomb, MI. Some of the services offered are, Recording, Tracking, Mixing, Overdubs and Mastering Producing, Arranging, Co-Writing, Moblie Live Recording, CD Duplication, Music Publishing, Internet Music Marketing and a Kickstarter Assistance Program. They also offer School Field Trips.


Josh Ford

Josh Ford.jpg

Josh Ford is the owner and a music producer, studio engineer, musician and song writer. Based in the Detroit Area and works out of the Sound Shop Recording Studio. He's has multiple Detroit Music Awards for his music. Specializing in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Gospel and Soul music. Before he opened the Sound Shop he was the man behind the band Motor City Josh & the Big 3.

Kevin Wesley Williams

Kevin Wesley.jpg

Music is all Kevin Wesley's ever known for the past thirty years. He's toured with headliners from Madonna to Marilyn Manson, and partnered with tons of musicians in his studio to create real music with real instruments. His work speaks for himself. As Producer & Engineer, Kevin takes times to understand every artist that walks through his door and creates industry standard records. No artist ever has to say "That's not finished yet" or "We're going to add this" when sharing their music. If he's a part of it, you will want everyone to hear it!

Ivan Fargo

Ivan Fargo.jpg

Ivan who is a Engineer & Producer got his start in music in 2001, at age 10, when he first picked up the guitar. He quickly started studying various musical groups and artists to expand his knowledge of the instrument. Before long, he moved on to writing his own music, as well as playing and touring in bands as he got older.

His first recording experience occurred at age 16 when his dad brought home a little 8 track digital recorder. After much trial and error, frustration, and eventual success with the little machine, he moved up to buying his own Protools rig at age 18. From that point on he started recording/working with various bands in the Detroit area out of his home.

Rock, metal, indie, alternative, math rock, noise rock, pop, electronic, rap, ambient, progressive, and everything in between, there are very few genres that Ivan hasn't gotten to work with in his 7 years of engineering music for artists. Ivan started engineering out of the Sound Shop in early 2012, and now continues to search for the next band/artist that will challenge him to design a studio sound that best captures the energy that they have.

"Loco" Joe Evangelista


Loco Joe is the Sound Shop's "Jack of all Trades". From computer/website design/maintenance to repairs of all varieties, Loco does it all with quality and efficiency. He is also a musician! His "Songs You Won't Hear in Church" CD was recorded right here at the Sound Shop as part of the studio's build and break-in process! He is most proud of the fact that he has gotten to jam with most of the greatest musicians in Detroit.

Mike Klewicki

Mike Klewicki.jpg

Mike has been the house photographer at The Sound Shop since the beginning. He's also very handy with the ol' soldering iron and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

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