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Sing Out Detroit is a 50 member LGBT & Ally Chorus Group established in July of 2008, by four friends who had the desire to sing choral music in a happy, healthy, fun environment – even if that meant just getting together once a week in someone’s living room.

The original members were Linda Brincat, RiverLee Farrell, Kim Whitney and Shelli Schimke. Membership grew after a few phone calls to interested singers, they needed a larger place to rehearse. St. John’s Episcopal Church, a warm and welcoming host, offered the group their choir room.

The first concert season began in December 2008 with holiday music, performing at “Five 15” in Royal Oak and for the December “Ties Like Me” meeting. In 2009 Sing Out Detroit choir joined GALA and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The 2015 fall season kicked off with Jeremy St. Martin taking on the role of Music Director, and he's been leading Sing Out Detroit ever since. Sing Out Detroit has a thriving membership that continues to grow each year as they strive to bring about positive social change with musical performances.

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Mailing Address: PO Box 2031, Royal Oak, MI 48068
Phone: 248-943-2411