Seventh Son

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Seventh Son
Seventh Son.jpg
Background Information



Iron Maiden Tribute

Years Active

1988 - Present


Jay Nikou - Guitar
Steve Thom - Bass
Dave Yanity - Guitar
Kelly Huff - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Michael Lafferty - Keyboard, Guitar



Detroit’s Iron Maiden Experience has rocked the Motor City since their inception. Two High School friends, Jay Nikou and Steve Thom, both fans of the British Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden, decided to form a tribute band. This was 1988, when tribute bands were not that common, especially a heavy metal band like Maiden. They were the first Maiden tribute band in the world if not at least the first in North America. Taking the name from Maiden’s 1988 album Seventh Son, they descended upon the Detroit Music Scene becoming regulars at Harpos in the late 80’s and early 90’s and never looked back. Over the years there have been member changes. With Dave Novak and Dave Yanity rounding out the core of the band, they recently added a new Beast on vocals, Kelley Huff as well as Michael Lafferty on keyboards.


Jay Nikou

Jay Nikou.jpg

Jay or J-Sin as he likes to be called, is a co-founder of Seventh Son. Started playing guitar age the age of 13 but his real talent is his artwork. Jay has done all of Seventh Son's back drops and scrims. His art is draped all over Seventh Son's stage show. Other bands his has played in are Necropolis, HMR and Hellbent. He also currently plays in Madman of Ozz and Star Child.


Steve Thom

Steve Thom.jpg

Steve is Seventh Son's other co-founder. Besides being a capable bass player, Steve shares the same passion with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickerson and is a commercial airline pilot. He is comfortable at 30,000 ft as he is on stage. Not bad for someone with a fear of heights. Along with Jay, he has played in Necropolis and the original HMR.


Dave Novak

Dave Novak.jpg

Dave started out early and began playing at the age of 9. He has a true talent when it comes to music. He plays guitar, bass and keyboards besides drums. He actually plays more guitar then drums. He love rebuilding and customizing guitars and coffee. Dave is also an original member of Seventh Son. Dave's has played in bands like Assassin and Whiskey Dust. He also plays in Madman of Ozz and Star Child.


Dave Yanity

Dave Yanity.jpg

Dave is not one of the original guitarist of Seventh Son. Having replacing Neil back in 2009 but he fits the band like he has been there from the start. Dave started playing guitar at the age of 13. He has also played with the bands, Mourning Sun and Graveyard Punx. Currently he also plays in Madman of Ozz and Star Child.


Kelly Huff

Kelly Huff.jpg

Kelley is another non original member of Seventh Son, having replacing John back in 2013. Kelley also is a man of many talents, he plays a little guitar and keyboards as well but his calling is being a singer. Along with Michael, Kelley has played in the band Rock Star.


Michael Lafferty

Michael Lafferty.jpg

Like other members of Seventh Son, Michael is also multi-talented musician. Besides playing keyboards, he also plays guitar and sings. He has also played in Rock Star alongside Kelley. Currently, he plays guitar and sings for Star Child and plays keys for Madman of Ozz and also has played with Sweet Alice.



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