Savage Rascals

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Savage Rascals
Background Information




Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Frank Zappa Tribute

Years Active

2012 - Present



Andrew Dunaj - Drums
Mike Farr - Bass
Danny Velic - Guitar
Scott Fryer - Saxophone
Patrick Jensen - Trumpet
Jim Habarth - Keyboards
John Raleeh - Trombone/Keyboard


Starting as a group of Wayne State alumni, Savage Rascals has extensively performed the music of Frank Zappa, as well as progressive rock, fusion and pop classics from artists such as Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham and songsters Steely Dan. Their aim not only encompasses musicality but also the penchant for the absurd found in Zappa's live performance. Surprises and banter abound, with a well rounded rock/funk/jazz ensemble to back it up. Pat Jensen, trumpet, and Scott Fryer, saxophones, lead the horn section. John Raleeh is in the swing chair on trombone and keyboard, with Jim Habarth adding to the keyboard arsenal. Danny Velic, guitar, Mike Farr, bass, and Andrew Dunaj, drums, complete the rhythm section, with vocals provided by all and varying by song. Savage Rascals strikes the stage with its range of cover, and forthcoming original material, as a Detroit menagerie of menacing sounds.

Savage Rascals in 2014


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