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A Fantastic Tribute to the Fab Four
Background Information




Beatles Tribute

Years Active

1996 - Present



Aaron Vaughn as John
John Manier as Paul
Jim Wilcox as George
Kevin Kogut as Ringo


SHOUT’s extraordinary performances include songs from the Fab Four’s first U.S. releases like “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “She Loves You,” “Twist And Shout” and “I Saw Her Standing There,” as well as an ensemble of eclectic tunes such as “Penny Lane,” “Paperback Writer,” “I Am The Walrus,” and “Hey Jude”.

From head to toe, this fantastic tribute to the fab four is everything an audience might expect from a Beatles tribute band and more. And where would a Beatles band be without the right clothes? SHOUT! strives for authenticity, from cuban-heeled boots to moptop hair. They even sport tailor-made suits like the fab four, including the famous Sgt. Pepper outfits.

Instruments and a certain look, of course, add flavor to SHOUT’s performance. Band members were careful to acquire the correct guitars, amps and drums, and use those acquisitions proudly. Each piece is dated as closely to the Beatles’ own as possible.


Aaron Vaughn

John Lennon

Aaron Vaughn.jpg

A veteran musician in his own right, Aaron always pleases the audience with his portrayal of the ‘witty one’. His quick wit puts him right at ease in front of a crowd. Cool and polished, from his on-stage humor to his top-notch musical talent and rocking vocals, this Lennon is undeniably one of the best in the business.

John Manier

Paul McCartney

John Manier.jpg

John has the baby-faced Beatle down to a tee. Not only does Manier know how to charm an audience, he also has the vocal abilities of McCartney and more. John picked up the guitar while still a child, and has the unique ability to master almost any instrument; he’s a showman through and through, and his portrayal of the Beatle bass player is impressive, indeed.


Jim Wilcox

George Harrison

Jim Wilcox.jpg

Jim brings the ‘quiet one’ to the stage with reverence. Attention to detail and a careful, precise performance are this lead guitarist’s goals, whose choice of guitars and serious performance make this player’s portrayal of Harrison a tangible, believable one.


Kevin Kogut

Kevin Kogut.jpg

Kevin portrays the famed moptop drummer with ease. An experienced drummer on the Detroit music scene, Kogut is very versatile, and stepping into the role of Ringo comes naturally to him. He is quick to win the hearts of fans of all ages, and can readily belt out a tune and make it sound uncannily like the Beatle beatnik.


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