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Detroit's 80's Hairband Experience
Background Information




80s Hair Tribute Band

Years Active

2002 - Present

Current Members

Kenny Allen - Vocals
Jaime Trevino - Guitar
Steve Lane - Guitar
Ronny Masters - Bass
G - Drums

Past Members

Kelley Huff, Michael Lafferty, Wally Filipiak, Lou Kist, Donny Kereazas



RockStar is a tribute band that brings the sights, sounds and excitement of the 80s Hair Band Music experience to any event. They don’t perform - They make it a spectacle.

Michael Lafferty developed the idea of celebrating the 1980s in the early 2000s and Rockstar was born to fill a void found within tribute acts that play '80s hard rock music. Over the years the line-up has changed where none of the founding members are now in the band, but RockStar still nails it every time they play at venues and festivals.

As their Facebook Page Story states, We aren't a 'band', we are a spectacle and a production.... Complete with choreography, lights, effects, wardrobe, etc. As always, our music is 'live without a net', no backfills, no recordings, no nothin'....just good ole' fashioned RockNRoll!!


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