RFD Boys

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RFD Boys
The RFD Boys.jpg
Background Information


Ann Arbor



Years Active

1969 - Present




David Mosher - Fiddle
Paul Shapiro - Bass, Vocals
Willard Spencer - Banjo, Dobro, Vocals
Charlie Roehrig - Vocals, Acoustic Gutiar

Former Member

Richard Dieterle


The RFD Boys formed in 1969 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and decades of singing together have blended the Boys' three-part and four-part harmonies to the smoothness of Kentucky bourbon. David Mosher joined the band after founding member Richard Dieterle passed away after a difficult battle with cancer in 2012.

The last thirty years they've been the house bluegrass band for the Ark Their music has taken them all over Michigan and the Midwest, and as far away as Germany, France, Australia and Malta. In the last three decades they've also shared stages with a who's who of bluegrass and country musicians, from Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley to Ricky Skaggs and Randy Travis.

The RFD Boys L-R
Willard Spencer, Paul Shapiro, David Mosher, Charlie Roehrig


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