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M1 Music Group
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Nate Harasim
Sandy McGraw

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music production, marketing, record companys

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35 W Huron Suite 406
Pontiac, MI 48342




(844) 616-8742


M1 Music Group was founded by Music Industry Veterans Nate Harasim and Sandy McGraw. Well versed and experienced in the worlds of traditional music making, marketing and distribution, going into 2016, Harasim and McGraw felt it was the perfect time to launch a new company by taking a different direction and a unique approach that reflects the modern marketplace.

The three dynamic boutique labels under the M1 Umbrella provides a global platform for genres ranging from Pop/EDM and Country Soul/Pop to Hip-Hop/R&B and Contemporary Jazz.

Xestacy Records was founded on the concept of sharing the best of pop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

4 Horses Records offers modern country music for a new and expanding audience, specializing in country-pop and country-soul, unique and contemporary Nashville meets Memphis sounds.

M-1 Records embodies the contemporary spirit of Detroit’s legendary soul music origins, featuring artists from the worlds of Hip-Hop, R&B, Urban Adult Contemporary, Adult Contemporary and “anything with soul.”


Nate Harasim

Nate Harasim.jpg

A Grammy nominated and Soul Train award-winning composer, producer and artist, Michigan native Harasim possesses over 15 years of experience in discovering, signing, producing and branding new and maturing artists. Armed with a multi-genre production arsenal which includes pop, hip hop, house, country and jazz, he’s personally dedicated to reviving Detroit’s rightful and universal place in the music industry. A graduate of the acclaimed Flint Institute of Music, Harasim began touring at the age of 9. He studied music theory, classical and jazz piano while winning numerous performance and song writing awards in several genres prior to attending the University of Michigan. He later obtained a degree in business management from the University of Phoenix while on tour promoting his own successful projects. Nate is currently the owner/operator of Harasim Soundesign, a multifaceted music production and graphic design company.

Sandy McGraw

Sandy McGraw.jpg

A young, multi-faceted music industry veteran perfectly representing the Millennial Generation, Sanborn T “Sandy” McGraw IV entered the music business at age 16 when he took over social media promotion for famed composer Richard Whiting. He has worked as an Executive Producer and head of promotional campaigns for numerous critically acclaimed albums including Timeless: Wendy Moten Sings Richard Whiting. He created a partnership with Tokyo based record label Muzak, Inc. negotiating an international licensing agreement throughout the Japanese territories for Timeless. McGraw has since been working as Assistant VP of Woodward Avenue Record and its sister company, Nordman Sports & Entertainment. In his capacity, he promoted and marketed the careers of top musical performers, including Paul Brown, Bob Baldwin, Nate Harasim and NILS. He brings to M1 a firm understanding of artist relations and how to best promote musical talent in the digital age.

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