King Mellowman & Mellow Runnings

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King Mellowman & Mellow Runnings
King Mellowman & Mellow Runnings Logo.jpg
Background Information




Reggae, R&B, Soul

Years Active

2002 - Present


One Vibe Records, Mellow Music Productions


Jamal "King Mellowman "Clarke
Ian Gold
Black Diamond
Matt Lemons
Camea Franklin
John Foley
Janine (J9) Jefferson
Papa "Milkweed" Bennett


Jamal "King Mellowman "Clarke has been into music as long as he can remember. The first people to recognize this musical child prodigy were his parents, Cyril "Mr C."Clarke (Founding Father for two outstanding groups: The Majestics and The Contours). And Dolores "Sister Dee" Prophet (Former Alto and lead soloist for The Lucille Lemons Gospel Choir). King Mellowman is a multi-talented, superbly accomplished musician whose musical versatility goes well beyond his chronological years. Mellow formed his well versatile band "Mellow Runnings" in 2002 and not only do they play Caribbean music, but they are versatile in ANY form of music. They are truly masters of their craft. Not only do they play and sing well, but they have routines, skits , and sense of humor. They are guaranteed to leave the crowds in stitches,.


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