Killer Flamingos

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Killer Flamingos
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Background Information




Pop, Rock, Electronica, Alternative

Years active

2000 - present


Current Members

Michelle Katitus - vocals
Darren Drake - keyboards/vocals
Todd Best - guitar
David Gondoly - bass/vocals
Tim Webber - drums/vocals

Past Members

Steve CooleyEric Miller Billy Adams
Jojo Moceri
Billy Butler
Bill Kamalay
Noreen Novrocki
Tom Bachleda
Martin Kosmalski

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Killer Flamingos is an American Pop rock band from Dearborn, Michigan. With an infectious blend of pop, rock, and electronica, Killer Flamingos produce a sound that is turning heads and capturing listeners everywhere. The band has quickly amassed a large following of devoted fans and are gaining recognition as Detroit's most popular party band. Anyone who has seen Killer Flamingos can attest to their amazing live show. Superb musicianship, explosive stage presence, and concert-style performance have secured the band an important place on the Detroit music scene. The band has opened for artists such as Tom Jones, Sloan and Grammy winners, OK GO. They have repeatedly won "Hour Detroit" magazine's Best Band in Detroit, "Ambassador" magazine's Best Band, WDIV's "Click On Detroit" Best Local Band (7 years running), and have been awarded Best Local band by Ann Arbor's Current magazine.have been awarded by Ann Arbor's “Current” magazine for years running.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Sick Society (2002) Chim Cham Records

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