Itchycoo Park

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Itchycoo Park
Itchycoo Park.jpg
Background Information



Years Active

2017 - Present


Classic Rock




Renee Sanger - Vocals
Marlow Morgan - Vocals
Robert "Bobalou" Lewis - Drums, Vocals
Timothy Twiss - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Kaye - Bass, Vocals
Rob Brunhild - Keyboard, Vocals


Itchycoo Park

With their big songs, immense energy and abundance of talent, Itchycoo Park will transport you back to the unforgettable days of Woodstock, bell bottoms and psychedelia. Itchycoo Park specializes in creating a festival-like experience for audiences of all ages featuring the magical music of the late 60's and early 70's.


Robert "Bobalou" Lewis

Drummer, Vocals

Robert Lewis.jpg

The man with the plan! Robert "Bobalou" Lewis is the mastermind that hand picked all of the talented musicians that make up Itchycoo Park.

Schooled at Berklee School of music (Boston,MA) and formerly managed by Punch Andrews/Bob Seger Management, Bob has played in countless bands throughout Michigan for years. In his "spare" time he enjoys a career in Real Estate.


Timothy Twiss

Guitar, Vocals

Timothy Twiss.jpg

Tim Twiss was schooled in guitar at the famous Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. He then went on to play all over the Southern California circuit for years. He now resides in Milford and owns the well known Milford Music store where he shares his gifts with his students.


Rick Kaye

Bass, Vocals

Rick Kaye.jpg

A studio musician from New York City, Rick Kaye's claim to fame is working with Steve Marriott, singer with Small Faces and Humble Pie. When he's not keeping the Itchycoo Park musicians on their toes, he enjoys playing in his jazz band.


Rob Brunhild

Keyboard, Vocals

Rob Brunhild.jpg

Rob Brunhild has spent many years playing cities from Los Angeles to Miami. A highly sought after keyboard player Rob has played in a number of bands all over Michigan.


Renee Sanger


Renee Sanger.jpg

Renee Sanger is the newest member to the Michigan music scene and is thoroughly enjoying being an integral part of Itchycoo Park's success. You can see her on various local stages performing with her duo, blues band or just sitting in with musician friends perfecting vocal her skills.


Marlow Morgan


Marlow Morgan.jpg

Marlow Morgan is a past winner of the Best Singer in Mid-Michigan contest. When he's not tearing it up on stage you can find him tearing things up behind the turntables as a DJ.



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