In the Flesh

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In the Flesh
In the Flesh Logo.jpg
Background Information


Metro Detroit


Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Years Active

2012 - Present




Steven Lepisto - Bass
Chris James - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Daniel Niewolak - Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Keelin - Guitar, Vocals
Denis Ikeler - Keyboards, Vocals
Geoffrey Brouhard - Saxophone
Diana Turner - Backing Vocals
Maria Crifasi McCarthy - Backing Vocals
Maggie Cocco - Backing Vocals

Technical Crew

David Dillingham - Lasers
Norm Jankowski - Lighting Engineer
Shawn Simister - Video & Lighting

Former Members

Steve Hunziker, Jeremy Kanouse, Fred Eppenstiner, Yana Levovna


In early 2012, old friends, new friends, current and former bandmates got together to create what is now In The Flesh Detroit, a compelling tribute to Pink Floyd. This group of hard-working musicians is driven to combine excellent musicianship and attention to detail to reproduce the studio works of Pink Floyd, while keeping to the spirit of improvisation and energy that runs throughout the band's storied live shows. Combining strong musicianship, showmanship, a fantastic light, laser, and video show, In The Flesh brings faithful reproductions of classic hits, combined with moments of inspired improvisation. In The Flesh recreates the feel of a modern Pink Floyd concert.


Daniel Niewolak

Drums, Guitar, Lead Vocals

Daniel Niewolak.jpg

When Daniel isn't playing drums, guitar, or singing those Roger Waters vocal parts for In The Flesh, he's lugging PA equipment around the Greater Detroit area doing sound for WYCD's Nashville In The Neighborhood series, giving PA support for 98.7 AMP Radio live events, or running sound for local bands as one of Detroit's most sought after sound men. He also plays drums for Mad Rabbit, a metro Detroit cover band that creates a 'live karaoke' experience. When he has free time, he's working on updating In The Flesh's PA system. His latest project is designing and building new monitors and a line array system to help make In The Flesh sound even better.


Kenny Keelin

Guitar, Lead Vocals

Kenny Keelin.jpg

"I started playing banjo at the age of eight. Having a father who was a great southern/bluegrass/country/multi-talented guitar player and also an older brother who was a very active rock 'n' roll guitarist, I was exposed to guitar in mass doses before I was even in my teens. I attended my first rock concert when I was about 9 yrs old, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. I remember going home and picking up my brothers 1961 Gibson SG (which was off limits to me) and never ever putting it down.

"I have played ever since. I did leave music and went to play football as a quarterback on a semi-pro level for six years, but I was fiercely drawn back because of my love of music, and the joy to play and create it. I have never been in it for the party, or women, and certainly not the money, although membership does have its privileges. I truly just love to play the guitar.

"I have been in multiple bands and performed and created with many great artists, but never have been so musically challenged and fulfilled as I have since the birth of In The Flesh. I am very fortunate to play with by far the most genuine, talented, driven, hard working individuals in the city.

"My main influences and guitar idols were Frank Marino, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke, Jimi Hendrix, Doyle Dykes, and Neal Schon."


Steven Lepisto


Steven Lepisto.jpg

Steven Lepisto is a self taught bass player.

--His thoughts on Pink Floyd--
"Do yourself a favor and listen to the Waters era live recordings. It's not an uncommon story (for great bands) that friction between it's members often give birth to their best material but when they took the stage their ability to put that aside and take you on a trip during a song.. adapting them on the fly, taking you from thunder to pin drop is something, for me, that makes them incomparable. I saw Pink Floyd at the Ponitac Silverdome in the late 80s and it had big impact. The music, the lights, the entire environment they cultured for their show was a whole new level of experience. The 'quad' sound and the cash register in the intro to Money.. bouncing from each corner of the Silverdome was amazing and yet still a small example of how they pushed the envelope for the art. One of the all-time greatest bands."


Chris James

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

Chris James.jpg

The youngest of four boys, all of whom played guitar, it was inevitable I would pick it up as well. As a child, my brother's musical equipment was always off limits but that never stopped me... I had a love for music and a need to express it. From choir to school band to guitar at home I continually surrounded myself with music; always listening. However it wasn’t until adulthood I would finally embrace it fully and accept that it was part of who I am."

"While enjoying many musical styles Progressive Rock has always been my core influence as it encompasses elements of many styles. Drawn to music early in life starting in school band I was exposed to Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Chopin but the electric guitar opened the door to Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Nugent, Deep Purple and later Journey, Kansas, Floyd, Yes, Toto, Rush." "A long time player in many cover bands in South East Michigan (two and three at at time) my duties include rhythm and lead guitar as well as fronting a three piece. I'm always pushing for that next step. I truly consider myself a lucky person to perform with all these gifted musicians to re-create the awesome experience that is 'PINK FLOYD'”


Denis Ikeler

Keyboards, Vocals

Denis Ikeler.jpg

"I started playing piano at age seven. I studied classical music for thirteen years. As I got older I branched out playing in rock groups and jazz groups. Some of the bands I played in are: Asmodeus Dream, Sass, In The Red, Ron Trombly & Eastern Standard Time, and Roxius."

"I love classical music, classic rock, and Jazz. Some of my musical influences are: Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, Led Zepplin, Dave Brubeck, and Pat Metheny." "In the day I make my living running a full time piano service business. I have prepared pianos for concerts from Lang Lang to Motley Crue!"


Geoffrey Brouhard


Geoff Brouhard.jpg

Geoff Brouhard is a saxophonist and educator in the Detroit area. Geoff holds a BS in Music Industry Management from Ferris State University, certification in Music Education from Oakland University as well as a PhD in Advanced Body Moving from Dr. Funkenstein's Tear the Roof Off Academy. Geoff played and toured the Midwest with the Funk/Soul Collective Midtown Underground for ten years and can be heard performing with the Acoustic Soul Sessions as well as many other groups and ensembles throughout the region. Geoff holds a special love for jazz and classical as well as soul/funk which makes growing up in the "D" extra special. Geoff actually does enjoy long walks on the beach when he can get there and is studying to be a certified yoga instructor. Remember, "Free your mind, and your ass will follow." -George Clinton


Diana Turner

Backing Vocals

Diana Turner.jpg

Diana Turner is very happy to be a part of this awesome band and is having a great time singing songs she grew up with. She is a church soloist, sings with the Rackham Symphony Choir and has performed in recitals, concerts and theatres all over the Metro Detroit area. Favorite roles include Eva Peron in Evita, and the Witch in Into The Woods. She studied at Columbia College in Chicago, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, and received her degree right here in Detroit at Oakland University. She would like to thank her husband Dave, daughter Mary, and son David for being so supportive.



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