Gratitude Steel Band

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The Gratitude Steel Band
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Background Information


West Bloomfield



Years Active

1988 - Present

Current Members

Chaz Russell
Loretta Russell
Janiela Russell
Dajhumbay Russell

Past Members

Coretta Russell
Miguel Gutierrez



The Gratitude Steel Band has an extensive performance record from performing for 1 year old to 100th birthdays. Performing High School Basketball games to playing for “The Stanley Cup Finals” Governors, Congress and Senators, Nelson Mandela and many more!

The Band started September 15, 1988 After a head concussion that left him speechless, Chaz Russell started The Gratitude Band on September 15, 1988 in "thanksgiving of healing".

The trio back then, 1 panist and 2 vocals, put their pan and gospel together in a style called Gospelypso. A family affair today, the entire family plays, sings, writes and has done music for movies, commercials, original music.

The Gratitude Steel Band began playing Wedding Ceremonies and Bar Mitzvahs and then The Detroit Auto Show 3 times, The Detroit Grand Prix and more... The began playing for mayors, congressmen and senators and governors. they aspire to perform at The White House..

They've performed the National Arts Council in conjunction with Princeton and University of Michigan. Also performed univerisity commencement entertainment across the US. They've also done work for The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The Jackson Symphony Orchestra and The Art Institute.

They've produced an entire health show based on original music and movement. This has been used in schools universities, and community health fares througout the south and midwest.. Although there were a few that admired the style, the band found it's success with high energy island styles with positive messages. Along with their music therapy backgrounds and international performances, Gratitude continues to bring good vibes to the arts, maintain respect for Afro Cuban innovative rhythms, and still helps to relieve stress through music.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Forget Not His Benefits - Psalms 103 CD (2009) - Out of Print
  • Gospelypso One CD (2009) * Out of Print


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