Gillihan and The Homegrown Band

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Gillihan and The Homegrown Band
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Background Information


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Southern Rock

Years Active

2011 - Present

Record Label

Cynical Records


Brandon "Gilli" Gillihan - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys
Jennifer Plaxco - Vocals, Percussion
Andy "Critter" Arsenualt - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Dave Monds - Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Bradley Russell - Percussion vocals


Gillihan Website


Gillihan and The Homegrown Band is a rock cover band with a Southern twist. Formed by Brandon "Gilli" Gillihan on May 23, 2017. Gillihan and The Homegrown Band has been rockin the Eastside with their specil brand of music!


From Website

Brandon "Gilli" Gillihan

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys

Gilli F. Gillihan.jpg

Gilli was born with theory,grew up with melody and later in life was given the miracle of Harmony. His Life is music and music is his life!! His songwriting knows no limits and no genre..

And the best part!?!? The supply is endless! Take a taste of Homegrown and you will be hooked!


Jennifer Plaxco

Vocals and Percussion

Jennifer Plaxco.jpg

Patsy Cline is in her blood line, Janis her soul, Ann Wilson her muse and Stevie Nicks her spiritual godmother. She sings of loss and love. Lend your ears and she will take you on a homegrown journey. Before the music is over you will be hers!!


Andy "Critter" Arsenualt

Drums and Vocals

Andy Arsenault.jpg

His drumming is epic and powerful like a finely tuned engine..The pistons pulsate with his poly rhythms !!! his fuel injection injected with PBR,but don't will be shaking your trunk before you even enter the vehicle.. When it comes to Homegrown,Critter Drives the bus!


Dave Monds

Bass and Vocals

Dave Monds.jpg

Growing up a student to the law of bass.After a brief internship at the firm of Macca,Jones and Lee he set out to make his own laws.. With Homegrown his is the the Marshall law of the bass!


Bradley Russell

Percussion and Vocals

Bradley Russell.jpg

From the classroom of Professor Critter to the drum circles of the Grateful Dead Brad Lives rhythm ! His heartbeat is the backbeat, his pulse a para-diddle . There's no such thing as too much cowbell!



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