Ember Recording Studio

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Ember Recording Studio
Ember Recording Studio Logo.jpg
Background Information




Russ Meuchel


13038 Burgundy Ave
Warren, MI 48089



Recording Hours

10 am to 10 pm
7 days a week






Ember Recording Studio mission is to provide superior recording quality at affordable rates, enabling musicians and artists in the Detroit, Michigan metro area to realize their visions in a comfortable, professional environment!

Recording Overdubs Audio Editing
Mixing Mastering Producing
Songwriting Session musicians for hire Voice Overs
Special Effects Sound and Beat Creation



Owner & Recording Engineer

Russ started playing drums and percussion when he was 10 years old and continued to perform until he was 18 years old. Then his interests changed to writing lyrics and poetry. When he was 21, he found his true passion - guitar. He was able to join his first band after only playing for a year. He has been playing and singing in bands in the Detroit area since 1997.

He also graduated from the Recording Institute of Detroit in 1997. He now has over a decade of experiencein the recording industry. In 2004, he became officially certified in Pro Tools by attending a hands-on intensive class. He attended a Waves Plug-in online course from the Music School of Berkley in 2005. He took an online lyric and song arrangement course in 2005 as well. He also traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Nashville for music business conferences. He built the recording studio in 2000 and has consistently upgraded it to keep up with current technology. Until 2009, the studio has been for private use only. Now he mainly oversees and coordinates the booking of the studio. In addition, he passed along all of his recording knowledge to Ember's lead recording Engineer, Emilio.


Lead Recording Engineer

Emilio has a great passion for music ever since childhood and began playing guitar when I was 13 years old. His dad was a great influence by exposing him to many of the classic rock legends and encouraging him to pursue music. He has been writing music and playing guitar in his own original band for the past 6 years. He opened up for over a dozen national bands and had the opportunity to tour in several states around the Midwest. He completed the recording engineering curriculum at Wayne State University . In addition, he has completed all of the ear training, music theory, classic guitar performance and piano classes that are required for Wayne State University music majors. He has been working with Pro Tools (the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation) since 2003. In addition, he has experience with recording live music, sound design and integrating audio with video.

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