Dig A Phony

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Dig A Phony
Dig A Phony Logo.jpg
Background Information


Shelby Twp


Beatles Tribute

Years Active

2008 - Present



Jeff Pelione - vocals, guitar
Dave Dean - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joey Pelione - vocals
Bob Jankowski - bass
Charlie Dentel - vocals, keyboards
Ken Karasek - drums
Jay Jones - percussion




Dig A Phony From L-R: Joey Pelione, Bob Jankowski, Ken Karasek, Jeff Pelione, Jay Jones, Dave Dean, Charlie Dentel

A true tribute to the greatest pop music group of all time, Dig A Phony is fanatical about reproducing songs from The Beatles recording catalog - LIVE. From the cowbell in “Drive My Car”, to the handclaps in “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, to the kazoo sound in “Lovely Rita” (even though it was actually paper & combs), to the guitar fade out on “A Hard Day’s Night”– you will hear the song as it sounds on the album minus the bad wigs and pseudo-Cockney accents. It’s a kind of "hybrid" approach to the whole Beatles tribute thing. They take the use of the accurate gear from the look-alike acts, and the sound-alike act’s freedom to play anything from the entire Beatles catalog and combine it all to deliver a purist’s production.


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