Devil Elvis Show

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The Devil Elvis Show
Background Information



Years Active

2007 - Present


Elvis Tribute



Chris O'Droski a.k.a. "Devil Elvis" - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Lianna Loretta - Bass Guitar, Guitar, backing vocals

Substitutes, auxiliary personnel
Andy "Mondo" Furda- guitar & backing vocals
"Kenny Bear" Frost - drums
"Eddie Bear" Stark - drums
Chris "Box" Taylor - bass guitar & backing vocals

Former Members

Stone Neil - Drums & Backing vocals
Kyle "Dirty Money" Kipp - Guitar and Vocals



The Devil Elvis Show is a Rock & Roll band from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area that specializes in performing Elvis tunes in a unique and modern way. Combining 50’s Rock & Roll with elements of rockabilly, country, punk, soul, and R & B. Devil Elvis is more than a tribute to Elvis, it is a tribute to Rock & Roll itself.

The band’s front man, Devil Elvis, is an ultra Rock n’ Roll Elvis-like personality; like Presley’s mischievous twin from another dimension. The rest of the colorful characters in the band help put on an over-the-top stage show that incorporates humor, fun, high-energy antics, and lots of crowd participation and dance.

Devil Elvis - Chris O'Droski


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