Detroit Rock City

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Detroit Rock City
Detroit Rock City Logo.jpg
The Ultimate Kiss Tribute Band
Background Information




Rock, Tribute Band

Years Active

2015 - Present


Nic Bongers (Starchild) - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
John Dajos (Spaceman) - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Raj Mangipudi - (Demon)
Johnnie Rotton (Catman) Drums, Vocals


Detroit Rock City is a Kiss Tribute Show that will impress even the most avid members of the KISS Army. Shows include Classic KISS songs (circa 1973-1978), Accurate 70's era KISS costumes with 7" platform boots, Pyro explosions, Blood spitting, Blowing fire, Smoking guitars, Smashing guitars.. Light effects, LED lighted KISS sign. Included in their show are giveaways for the fans. Roses, guitar picks, and drumsticks and lots of opportunities for photos with the band.

Spaceman, Starchild, Catman, Demon


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