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Detroit Lutheran Singers
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Background Information



Years Active

1968 - Present

Artistic Director

Christopher Hall




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The Detroit Lutheran Singers began as a singing group to accompany the Detroit Lutheran Musical Guild in 1966. The were formally organized as the Detroit Lutheran Singers in 1968.

The group consists of auditioned volunteer singers from various church congregations in the area – primarily Lutheran and other Christian denominations. They perform a full range of sacred music, from classic composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Brahms to contemporaries like John Rutter. It is not unusual at one of their concerts to hear a classic work sung in German followed by an American spiritual. Although concerts are primarily held in area churches, the DLS has performed at colleges, universities, banquet halls, award ceremonies, conferences, conventions and Comerica Park. The DLS has traveled throughout Michigan, in Ohio and Ontario, and most recently to Carnegie Hall in New York to perform “Requiem for the Living” for composer and guest conductor Dan Forrest.

The Detroit Lutheran Singers perform under the direction of Mr. Christopher Hall and accompanist, Doris Hall.

Detroit Lutheran Singers


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