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The DDTs
DDTs Logo.jpg
Ramones Tribute Band
Background Information





Years Active

2014 - Present


Gregory Scott Naumann - Lead Vocals
Jim Branson - Guitar & Vocals
Randy Craft - Drums
Chuck Shermetaro - Bass & Vocals


The DDTs are a testament to the power of the legendary RAMONES. These four cretins collide onstage to give you a taste of what precision frenzy sounds like. No gimmicks, no posing and no holding back. The DDTs carry on the infectious “Rock as life/ Show’em what you’re made of/ One of us!” energy of the RAMONES.

Jim Branson, the feisty Ramone is the guitar wielding pinhead whose overdriven riffs are the oh-so-sniffable starting fluid for the DDTs punk engine. He lives in the woods away from anyone of weak constitution who might succumb to his hurricane force power chords.

The singer Gregory Scott Naumann, takes breaks from howling only for his regular psycho therapy sessions and trips to 7-11. He can often be found lurking around public libraries muttering to himself and bathing in the bathroom sink.

On drums, Randy Craft beats out the joy and frustration of being a true-to-self rocker getting by in herd mentality, glam-veneered society. His timing and energy create the magnetic field that holds the wicked machine together on and offstage.

Chuck Shermetaro CT Ramone, is a punk rocker. As a bass player, he is a true apostle of Blessed Dee-Dee. He eats, sleeps, and vapes the Ramones. This professional prides himself on giving the audience the most authentic and gut-felt music known to brat-kind.

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