Crazy Babies - Ozzy Rebourne

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Crazy Babies
Crazy Babies - Ozzy Rebourne.png
Background Information




Ozzy Osbourne Tribute, Metal, Hard Rock

Years Active

2015 - Present



Boyd Ozzy Quinton - Ozzy Rebourne
Keith "ROCK" Holstein - Lead Guitar
Rob Johannis - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Charlie Smaldino - Drums



Providing the most realistic look, sound and high energy feel of an actual Ozzy Osbourne concert experience. Crazy Babies recreates all genres of Ozzy’s entire solo catalog plus favorites from his huge Black Sabbath career!


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Boyd Ozzy Quinton

(Ozzy Rebourne)

Boyd Ozzy Quinton.jpg

Michael Boyd Quinton hails from Detroit and has always preferred high energy rock and roll to any other genre. Boyd has been in the spotlight most of his life...whether as a semi-pro quarterback or as the front man for some of Detroit's coolest rock bands!


Keith "ROCK" Holstein

Lead Gutiar

Keith Holstein.jpg

Keith was born in Detroit Rock City and grew up in Dearborn Michigan. At a very young age, Keith was always banging on the guitar... but when he heard Black Sabbath for the first time, around the age of 13 or 14, he was totally captivated by Black Sabbath and the menacing sound of Tony Iommi's electric guitar. Not much later did he hear Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads and was totally blown away! he had never heard the electric guitar sound quite like this. He now had the inspiration that he would never loose to become a professional guitar player dedicating his life to the craft. There are so many amazing guitar players over the years but no two guitar players have influenced him more than Randy Rhoads and Tony Iommi. Keith brings an electrifying and mesmerizing likeness of both his heroes to the Crazy Babies stage.


Rob Johannis

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rob Johannis.jpg

Influenced by all the greats in heavy metal and rock bass playing, Rob has always held the works of Bob Daisley and Geezer Butler in high esteem. His solid, melodic style is a perfect fit for Crazy Babies. From Goodrich, MI, Rob is also an accomplished artist and screen printer.


Charlie Smaldino


Charlie Smaldino.jpg

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Charlie is a dedicated, pro musician who brings a ton of experience with him. In 2004, he toured with OzzFest in his former band Magna-Fi and has toured extensively throughout North America and Japan. Charlie's rock solid tempo and attention to detail gives Crazy Babies our concrete foundation.


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