Bricktown Station

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Bricktown Station
Bricktown Station Logo.png
Background Information




Rock, Funk, Alternative

Years Active

2001 - Present


Chrissy Morgan "Steeners" - Lead vocals, lyrics writer, percussion
Phil Bolden "Buffalo Phil Bolden" - Bass,lyrics writer
Mark Ray "Mac Daddy Ray" Drums
John Salisz "Johnny Logic" Guitar



Bricktown Station (a.k.a. The 5th Floor): Formed on or about August of 2001 from the ashes local bands past and still growing strong! Reared on Rock, R&B, Funk, and Jazz each member ofthe band contributes their owndistinct talent and flavor into a mix whose sum is undeniably original Detroit rock and roll. Amidst the music's various textures, moods, attitudes and messages (tailored to suit every ear) exists a sincerely genuine love for Detroit and the denizens thereof.

Bricktown Staion is the evolution of bombastic basement born power jams that graduated to the school of raw Garage Rock and ascended (body, mind, and spirit) into the entirely new affluence of intelligent yet gritty music that was created throughout the lofts of downtown Detroit. Call it "Loft Rock", call it a gregarious communion of musical fellowship, call it what ever you please just be at the station and don't miss this train!


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