Bought Secondhand

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Bought Secondhand
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Background Information




Reggae, Rock

Years Active

2013 - Present

Record Label

Webb House


Steve Webb - Vocals, Guitar
James Berg - Keyboards
Jerry Francis - Bass
Al Ledford - Drums


Bought Secondhand was formed in 2013 by drummer and percussionist Al Ledford, bassist Jerry Francis and guitarist Steve Webb who also fronts the band as lead vocalist. These three had worked together on previous projects where they had begun experimenting with reggae style music but had only moderate success. What their music was missing was the ability to take their urban poetry, and show the sensation in the struggle. They knew they could accomplish this using reggae rhythms, but it was going to have to be deeper than an upstroke on a guitar. They set to writing, and in a matter of months had developed the first tracks which ultimately become their first release "Jump in".

Bought Secondhand had been led this far (2015) by the chemistry they had developed with one another, and after the decision had been made to add someone on keys, there was no question about where they would turn. James Berg was a musician they had worked with on previous projects. He shared their same ambition for music with a unmistakable groove, and that was exactly what they were looking for.

With all pieces in place, They hit the ground running.

Al Ledford, James Berg, Steve Webb, Jerry Francis


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