Audio Cafe Recording Studio

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Audio Cafe Recording Studio
Audio Cafe Recording Studio.jpg
Background Information


May 1, 2004


Tom Rice




17954 E 9 Mile Rd
Eastpointe, MI 48021


(586) 552-8346




Designed from the ground up, Audio Cafe Recording Studio was built to provide a single client exclusive use of the entire facility without any activities outside the project. Well maintained studio, clean and comfortable environment with onsite parking. A small lounge hosts an entertainment system, refrigerator and microwave with soft drinks and Wi-Fi on the house.

Control Room: The 480 sq. ft. Control Room offers comfortable seating and sight line views to the Live Room and main Isolation Booth. Playback is monitored from an acoustically tuned environment over three different speaker configurations.

Live Room: Dimensions: 17 x 26 x 10. The Live Room was acoustically treated for a semi-ambient sound, providing a smooth and natural decay, with sight lines to the Isolation and Control Rooms. Audio connections to every room in the facility offer flexible recording options.

Iso Booth: The ISO Booth acoustics are extremely dry for capturing intimate vocal and instrument tracks, with sight lines to the Live and Control Rooms.


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