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Jazz Cafe at Music Hall
Jazz Cafe.jpg
Background Information




Music Hall


350 Madison Detroit, MI




Monday - Tuesday
Show Times Vary
Wednesday: Monthly Comedy
Thursday: 7pm - 11pm
Friday: 7pm - Midnight
Saturday: 7pm - Midnight
Sunday: 6 pm - 9 pm Jam



Despite residing at Music Hall and arguably hosting the best jazz season of all performing arts centers in the Midwest theJazz Café is still relatively unknown.

Jazz Café has seen performances from numerous great musicians as well as poets and artists, not just locally but from around the country. There are shows every day of the week, including a monthly comedy night on Wednesdays and weekly jam session on Sundays.

The Sunday jam session is an important event, it helps Jazz Café fulfill one of the missions of Music Hall — to educate youth on the rewards of performing arts — while enabling new jazz musicians to develop their talents.