Airey B

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Airey B
Background Information



Full Name

Airey Browder


January 14, 1998

Years Active

2001 - Present


Singer, Songwriter


Piano, Guitar, Voice


Associated Acts

Airey B & her Blues Boys


Airey is bold, impressive, and bodacious. A singer/songwriter as well as guitar player and pianist. Her voice is captivating, expressive and emotional. She invokes the spirit of the first ladies of the blues like Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith & Lizzie Miles. A breath of fresh air, she helps to revive the true spirit of the blues for generations to come.

Born in January 14, 1998 in Romulus, Michigan, Airey Browder took the "B" from blues (literally). She developed her talents at two years old when she received her first piano, and began to play for family and friends at age three.

Soon after, Airey B was performing at local music festivals, exciting the audience with toe-tapping, foot-stomping entertainment.

A breath of fresh air, Airey B helps to revive the "true spirit" of the blues in all of its authenticity. She is undoubtedly the "future of the blues" for the hopes that, along with her generation, she can keep the lost art form alive to thrive.

Now backed by a group of excellent-musicians that include veteran Detroit trumpeter and singer James O'Donnell, and the strong young rhythm section of bassist Jeff Cuny and drummer Jake Matthews Airey B & her Blues Boys, she helps to revive the true spirit of the blues for generations to come.


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