Air Margaritaville

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Air Margaritaville
Air Margritariteville Logo.jpg
Background Information




Jimmy Bufffet Tribute

Years Active

1992 - Present




Chaz Salaz - Bass, Vocals
Mel Diaz - Percussion - Vocals
Steve Lawhorn - Steel Drums
Marty Kane - Drums, Vocals
Frank Bama - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tom McGovern - Harmonica
Dennis Farac - Guitar

Past Members

Michael Fedorka, J.D. Jones, Bobby Lewis, Chris Brent


In 1992 Michael Fedorka and J.D. Jones formed Air Margaritaville. A musical tribute to Jimmy Buffet's style of Caribbean soul, they struck a chord with Parrotheads throughout the mid-west. From songs Parrotheads know by heart like Cheeseburger in Paradise, Fins, and Volcano to Buffett's classic covers of Brown Eyed Girl and Jamaica Farewell. Although Michael & J.D. are no longer with the band, It lives on and is impossible to stand still without feeling the urge to dance and sing along. The shows take on the flavor of a carnival as people, dressed in their finest parrotphernalia, take a break from their computers and cell phones to a relaxed but exiting world of boats, beaches, bars, and ballads.


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