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148 South Street Studio
148 South Street Studio.png
Background Information




Nic Cooco




148 South Street
Rochester, MI 48307


(248) 214-8336


9:00 am - 11:00pm
7 days a Week






148 South Street Studio was created for producers, technicians, musicians and artists!

148 South Street Studio has been specifically designed to develop audio content, video content, and live performance. It is fully equipped for live music performance and is plug in and play, just bring your instruments. Basic sound stage and studio rentals rehearsal time begins as low as $25.00/hour or Recording Studio time $75.00/hour

148 South Street Studio also offers classes covering, Introduction to Songwriting, Advanced Songwriting, Introduction to Recording and Individual Lessons in Various Instruments are available in Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano.

Owner/Executive Producer

Nic Cocco

Nic Cocco.jpg

Nic began playing music at the age of seven and right from the start he knew that the guitar was his instrument of choice. Under the tutelage of Mr. Frank DiAmato, he studied classical music for a few years but his love was always for Jazz. After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Nic played and toured with several bands. Today, in addition to other significant business endeavors, Nic is the music director and guitar player for Gene-n-Tonics, the managing director of CoccoMusic (the owner of 148 South Street Studio), and also is the President of and an Executive Producer for Entity Records and Entertainment.

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