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Windy & Carl
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Background Information




Space rock, ambient, drone, dream pop

Years Active

1993 - Present


Kranky, Blue Flea Recordings



Windy Weber
Carl Hultgren


From Website
Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren began writing music together in 1993. Self releasing their earliest recordings on their own Blueflea label, these were more of a dreamy psychedelic sound, with gentle guitars and hushed vocals. As time went on, the music became more of an imaginary film score, wandering soundscapes with thick layers and lush tones. Various labels generously released CDs; 1995 saw Ba Da Bing release Portal, in 1996 Icon Records released Drawing Of Sound, and by 1997 kranky in Chicago had adopted Windy & Carl, a place they still fondly call home and where Depths (1997), Consciousness (2001), and The Dreamhouse (2005) all reside.

    Windy Weber         Carl Hultgren

While it may be hard to define Windy & Carl’s sound, the guitars, bass, occasional keyboard and vocals are generally ambient in nature – music great for coloring the background, or foreground, of any activity – walks in the park, driving, afternoon naps …. Similarities can be drawn to some of the 80’s ambient pioneers as well as modern classical music. They create music with a wide range of atmospheres, from a warm fuzzy blanket, to a deep ocean, and to the open spaces of a frozen antarctic.

While Windy & Carl do not tour often, they have performed at all 6 Terrastock festivals, and still occasionally venture away from home for shows. There is not much time for touring now as most days are spent running their music store in Dearborn, Michigan, Stormy Records.



  • Portal (album) (Ba Da Bing!, 1995)
  • Drawing of Sound (Icon, 1996)
  • Antarctica (Windy & Carl album) (Darla Records, 1997)
  • Depths (Windy & Carl album) (Kranky (record label), 1998)
  • Dream of Blue (Ochre, 1998)
  • Consciousness (Windy & Carl album) (Kranky, 2001)
  • Dedications to Flea (Brainwashed (website), 2005)
  • The Dream House (Kranky, 2005)
  • Songs for the Broken Hearted (Kranky, 2008)
  • Instrumentals for the Broken Hearted (Blue Flea, 2009)
  • We Will Always Be (Kranky, 2012)
  • Blues for a UFO (2017)

EPs, singles

  • Watersong/Dragonfly (Blue Flea, 1993)
  • Instrumentals EP (Burnt Hair Records, 1994)
  • Left Without Air (split single with Füxa) (Blue Flea/Mind Expansion, 1995)
  • Green (split single with Hopewell) (Burnt Hair Records, 1996)
  • Emeralds/Fragments Of Time And Space (Enraptured, 1996)
  • Christmas Song (split single with Grimble Grumble) (Enraptured, 1996)
  • Crazy in the Sun (split single with Silver Apples) (Rocket Girl, 1997)
  • Dream of Blue/Kate EP (Ochre, 1997)
  • Near and Far (split EP with Amp (band)) (Blue Flea, 1998)
  • Antarctica (Live)/Instrumental (Live) (split 12" with Saddar Bazaar) (Earworm Records|Earworm, 2001)
  • Untitled (split tour CD with Landing (band) (Music Fellowship, 2001)
  • Akimatsuri (Blue Flea, 2006)
  • Intelligence in Evolution (split LP with Heavy Winged) (Music Fellowship, 2008)
  • You Can't Hide Your Love Forever vol. 7" (Dwight Yoakam cover) (Geographic North, 2012)
  • Calliope (The Great Pop Supplement, 2013)
  • I Walked Alone/At Night (Blue Flea, 2014)


  • Introspection (Windy & Carl album) (Blue Flea, 2002) (3 CDs of rarities, live tracks, etc.)

Various-artist compilation appearances

  • "Seiche" on Brainwaves (compilation) (2006)
  • "3rd Stage" (live collaboration with The Lothars), "Through the Portal" (live), and "Ballast" (live) on & Windy & Carl & The Lothars (2000)
  • "Beyond Asleep" on Disco Sucks (compilation) (1996)


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