TnT Big Band

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TnT Big Band
TnT Big Band Logo1.jpg
Background Information




Swing, Jazz, Blues, Motown

Years Active

2012 - Present

Formally Known As

the Dezie McCullers Orchestra

Band Leaders

Tony DiMaria, Ted Smith



The TNT Big Band is a 17-piece high energy performing band that plays all styles of Swing, Jazz, Blues, Motown and more. Led by tenor saxophonist Tony DiMaria and drummer Teddy Smith, the TnT Big Band had its origins as the Dezie McCullers Orchestra. Dezie McCullers Sr. was a tenor saxophonist who performed with many Motown stars and recorded with Motown’s original Funk Brothers.

Drawing from a huge repertoire built over decades, the TnT Big Band delivers an authentic Detroit Big Band experience. TnT Big Band also works with singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Norman Thrasher, Jazz singer Renee King-Jackson as well as Singer/Songwriter Charlie Dentel.

TnT Big Band with Charlie Dentel


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