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The Ferndale Set
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Background Information


March 2017


Ferndale, MI









The Ferndale Set is a project started in March of 2017 committed to promoting local music by producing live session videos made available on facebook and youtube.

The description on their channel says: "We love music and we love our community. So we've decided to marry the two together and provide an outlet for aspiring, or established artists in the area to showcase and share the amazing music they make to the rest of the world! If you're entertained by the idea of discovering new artists, and exploring their work, welcome to The Ferndale Set!"

The Ferndale Set videos are some of the best quality you find on YouTube. The great music videos and amazing sounding recordings are the work of Mike Steciuk (Sound Engineer), Norman Huang (Cinematographer/Videographer) and their team of volunteer videographers - Jake Wyman, Aaron Batayeh, Nick Press, Austin McCauley, Samantha Dillow, Anish Dasari

Live Sessions Videos

The primary focus of the Ferndale Set is to help artists promote themselves, while at the same time helping music lovers discover sounds that may be new to them. After a few months of shooting these sessions in a Ferndale basement, the team began to engage local communities directly by partnering with local businesses. The partnership provides diverse settings for the video shoots but more importantly creates an often lacking relationship between musical artists and local businesses. While these sessions are often times filmed late in the evenings during slow periods, some businesses have chosen to promote the recording as an event. This gives their clientele a candid private show where breaks between songs and gear changes allow the audience to engage with the artists directly.

Past Sessions

Other Collaborations

While maintaining a focus on the live session videos, the Ferndale Set has occasionally expanded into other collaborations in an effort to promote local music.

The Ferndale Set Fest 2018

The Ferndale Set Fest 2018 was the first show organized by the Ferndale Set. During the recording session with Adventures with Vultures, the TFS team mentioned wanting to organize a local show. A few days later, Adventures with Vultures reached out to the Ferndale Set with a booked date for a venue, PJ's Lagerhouse on June 1, 2018. The show consisted of eight 30 minute sets by

The Ferndale Set team is hoping to continue organizing at least one show each year.

Harvest Days 2018

The Ferndale Set curated the artists and provided audio support for the Harvest Days 2018 festival hosted by the Iron Ridge Marketplace. [1] The event took place on October 20th and 21st of 2018, with live music providing a soundtrack to the event from 10 A.M until 4 P.M. The artists that took part were:

Local Businesses Collaborations