The Attic Dwellers

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Attic City Dwellers at the P.L.A.V. Post #6


In November 2017 The Attic Dwellers celebrated 14 years of hosting an acoustic jam session each month. Beginning back in 2003 at the old Attic Bar in Hamtramck. The club named to honor that bar and was established to recreate the original music of the Detroit Blues Society. The Society in those early days was known as the Detroit Country and Classic Blues Society and in 1992 the name was revised to be the Detroit Blues Society as It's know it today.

A small group of Society members decided to start a venue for acoustic music and thus the Attic Dwellers was born. The Club is officially sanctioned by the Detroit Blues Society and is open to all that have interest. They currently meet at the P.L.A.V. Post #6 in Hamtramck (Polish Legion of American Veterans) on the second Sunday each month from 1 pm to 5 pm. There are no dues and no rules except keep it acoustic. All styles and types of music are welcome. The format is a circle jam with everyone invited to take a turn on lead and anyone wishing to play along can just jump in and do it. It's fun for the seasoned players and educational for the beginners. Listeners are always welcome as well.

The club has seen a wide variety of instruments appear at the jam sessions. These include the expected guitars, banjos, harmonica and mandolins. Others included were ukes, acoustic bass, upright string bass, a gut buck-et bass, percussion sound boxes, congas, tambors and tambourines, fiddle, tenor guitar, lap slide guitar, concertina and an elaborate percussion item made up of a wash board/cymbal combination. They even had a fellow show up with bag pipes.

You never know what you'll get at an Attic Dweller session. Many excellent vocalists have joined in the fun. Wolfgang Spider established and ran the club for its first ten years and Christian "Mad Dog” Douglas has managed it ever since. If you long to hear some old acoustic music in a friendly setting with fun loving people this is for you. Come on over and join them.