Taller Than They Appear

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Taller Than They Appear
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Background Information





Years Active

2013 - Present


Jere Stormer - guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, accordion, glockenspiel, vocals
Bobby Pennock - guitar, vocals
Sigrid Christiansen - Bobby Pennock - guitar, vocals
Lauren Crane - guitar, ukulele, noisemakers


Taller Than They Appear is a band of songwriters performing all originals all of the time. Each has a style that is miles from the next, but come together with soulful harmonies, arresting arrangements and a smattering of instruments. Birdcalls, bells and bongos, woodblocks, washboards and whistles round out the guitars, violins and ukuleles. Guitarist Jere Stormer is quoted as saying "We are like a bunch of seven-year-olds playing in the musical sand."


Jere Stormer

Jere Stormer.jpg

A writer and performer for more than 30 years, Jere has made a name for himself on the Detroit music scene and in public radio. You'll find him playing the guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, accordion, glockenspiel and well, whatever. Reverbnation/Jere Stormer


Bobby Pennock

Bobby Pennock.jpg

As an accomplished singer/songwriter Bobby's style, albeit unique, is reminiscent of folksingers of the '60's and '70's -- with the Beatles thrown in. Listening to him is like watching a good magician that keeps you wondering, How'd he do that? bobbypennock.com


Sigrid Christiansen

Sigrid Christiansen .jpg

Singing and playing folk music for nearly 40 years has given Sigrid a solid foundation for songwriting. Delicate, poetic, and playful, her lyrics, sweet voice and solid guitar work are gracefully entwined with haunting melodies. sigridchristiansen.com


Lauren Crane

Lauren Crane.jpg

A writer in both her vocation and avocation, Lauren began putting her words to her own music in 2010. She plays guitar, ukulele and adds rhythm, noisemakers and sound effects to add an extra splash of color. You can also find her at cranesongs.com



CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Taller Than They Appear EP (2014) Website


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