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Sub÷Divizion Records
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Sub÷Divizion is the record label for Sub÷Divizion Music an audio production service company.


Available at

Catalog # Artist Title Format Year
SUB032 Augustus Williams SMB Cord MP3, EP 2018
SUB031 Komprezzor FKPLTCS MP3 2018
SUB030 OLSK Unsolicited Call MP3 018
SUB029 Resonance Moderne Atomtheorie MP3 2017
SUB028 Theodore Elektrk Stand Up And Get Down MP3 2017
SUB027 Kamil P AKA The Influence* Psycho Analysis MP3 2017
SUB026 Chicago Techno Brigade Supernatural MP3, EP 2017
SUB025 OLSK Radial MP3, EP 2017
SUB024 Twoven Dangerous Prayers MP3, EP 2017
SUB019 Tatem Gummy Dinosaurs MP3, EP 2016
SUB023 Multiples Disorder MP3, EP 2017
SUB022 Lester Fitzpatrick Dark Ages MP3, Album 2017
SUB021 Lester Fitzpatrick & Karma Rain Death Dealer MP3, EP 2017
SUB019 Tatem Gummy Dinosaurs MP3, EP 2016
SUB018 Alex Metro Enjoy The Ride MP3, EP 2016
SUB017 Lester Fitzpatrick Come Clean MP3, EP 2016
SUB016 Alex Metro The Time Traveler MP3, EP 2016
SUB015 DJ Seoul Insideout MP3, EP 2016
SUB014 Ninna V Lost Interaction MP3, EP 2015
SUB013 SoundKode With Strangers In Elevators MP3, EP 2015
SUB012 U.T.P.* Galaxy Burn MP3, EP 2015
SUB011 Coma Coz Differences MP3, EP 2014
SUB010 Sean Bartley Get Punched MP3, EP 2014
SUB009 Dink House You MP3, EP 2015
SUB008 Lingk Some Call It House MP3, EP 2014
UB007 Donald Joseph Stylus MP3, Single 2013
UB007 Donald Joseph Stylus MP3, Single 2013
SUB006 SoundKode Detribal MP3, Single 2014
SUB005 Rory PQ Formant MC MP3, Single 2013
SUB004 U.T.P.* Detroit Connection EP File, MP3, EP 2014
SUB003 Billy Jack Primordial Avenue ‎ MP3, Single 2014
SUB002 Donald Joseph Cult 45 MP3, EP 2014
SUB001 Donald Joseph The People Mover ‎MP3, Single 2013

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