Spiral Crush

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Spiral Crush
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"Let's Party!"
Background Information


Brighton, Mi


Hard Rock, Metal

Years Active

2000 - Present


Curtain Call Records


Shaun Smail - Vocals/Guitar
Scott Smail - Drums
Jimi McCammon - Bass

Past Members

Jimmy Conrad


The members of Spiral Crush love music from a variety of styles and genres. Their music is firmly grounded in Rock and Hard Rock with influences of Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues and even some Pop. Guitar driven Hard Rock with Pop sensibilities, Spiral Crush's focus is song writing. They deliver riffs, melodies and lyrics that get stuck in your head with an energy to the music that will have you turning up your radio and pressing down on your gas pedal. It's music that is fun without being bland or generic. Spiral Crush has musical style that is familiar yet uniquely their own. It's simply Rock N' Roll, Spiral Crush Style!

Spiral Crush consists of brothers Shaun Smail (vocals/guitar) and Scott Smail (drums) along with newest member Jimi McCammon (bass). Growing up, this trio always knew that music would be a part of their lives forever. A shared passion for music, from writing to performing, is one of the many reasons why they work and play so well together. As of January 2019, the band is in the writing/pre-production phase of their fourth (untitled) studio album which they hope to release sometime in the late spring/early summer of 2019.

Spiral Crush L-R
Shaun Smail, Scott Smail, Jimi McCammon


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