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The Sights
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R&B, Rock, Soul, Power Pop

Years Active

1998 - 2007
2009 - Present

Current Members

Eddie Baranek - vocals, guitar
Jarrod Champion - keys, vocals
Skip Denomme - drums
Rod Jones - saxophone
Liz Mackinder - vocals
Chrissy Morgan - vocals
Kyle Schanta - bass, vocals


Former Members
Nate Cavalieri (2002-2003) - Organ, Vocals
Bobby Emmett (2004-2007) - Organ, Piano Bass, Vocals
Keith Fox (2006-2007) - Drums
Matt Hatch (2003-2004) - Bass Guitar
Dave Knepp (1998-1999) - Drums
Dave Lawson (2009-2011) - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mark Leahey (1998-2002) - Bass Guitar
David Shettler (2001-2005) - Drums, Vocals
Gordon Smith (2009-2011) - Keyboard, Vocals
Eugene Strobe (1999-2001) - Drums
Dean Tartaglia (2011-2012) - Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Mike Trombley (1998, 2005-2006) - Drums

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The Sights, are a rock ‘n’ roll band renowned for their incendiary live shows and acclaimed song-writing. Think Big Star and Badfinger fronted by Steve Marriott and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what makes these guys tick. Hailed by critics and fans alike, they continue to build on an incredible legacy of uncanny blues-rock meets power pop. The Sights’ precocious ability to blend frenetic garage rock with ’60s pop and create something equally classic and catchy has consistently garnered rave reviews from both sides of the Atlantic.

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CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Left Over Right (2013) Amazon
  • Most of What Follows Is True (2010) Amazon

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Other Compilations:

  • Drunk on Detroit Rock 2! (2008) song "Name"
  • Detroit Rocks (2008) EP, song "Name"


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