Shotguns & Violins

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Shotguns & Violins
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Background Information





Years Active

2000 - Present


Ryan Scott - Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Richardson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Jones - Bass



“Shotguns and Violins are an in your face, modern country band that grabs a hold of the crowd, and doesn’t let go until the last chord.

Call it serendipity, fate or maybe just blind luck. Singer-songwriters Mark Richardson and Ryan Scott had played and recorded with numerous bands, at countless venues over the years when they found themselves playing lead guitar and drums in the same band. Jamming, partying and practicing together, Mark and Ryan found they shared not only the same eclectic tastes in music, but also a professional work ethic and a passionate drive to make music that both they and their fans would love. Mark playing a new song he had just written, and Ryan’s first thought was ‘What a great song!’ Then he joked, ‘Hey, Mark-‘Shotguns and Violins’ isn’t just a great song- it’s a GREAT name for a band!’ Little did they both know that a short time later, after assembling a talented and driven group of seasoned players, their new collaboration ‘Shotguns and Violins’ would burst onto the Country music scene and storm stages across the Midwest with their unique and powerful Big Country sound.


Ryan Scott

Rhythm Guitar, Piano & Vocals

Ryan Scott.jpg

Ryan is a third-generation drummer. He started drumming when he was only 2 years old. From the time he was 8 years old Ryan was playing in bands with his Family and friends. Ryan’s love for Country music and a chance meeting with Mark Richardson started an electric musical relationship which led to the creation of Shotguns and Violins. Moving to Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, has given Ryan the opportunity to express himself through the music more easily and has led to a better connection with the crowd. Ryan currently calls Brighton, Michigan home, with his wife, Jamie, and their three dogs, Bella, Kona, and Max.


Mark Richardson

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mark Richardson.jpg

Mark is a Michigan born singer/songwriter who cut his teeth playing guitar in the band "BRANDED". Branded was a mainstay in some of Flint's authentic honkytonks. While Mark was honing in his skills as a guitarist, he was given an Alan Jackson CD and he began to develop his singing skills. Mark was also heavily influenced by George Strait and Gary Allan. He appreciates their contributions to the country music industry and credits them for shaping his musical "personality".In 2003, Mark joined forces with producer Dan Crabtree and recorded "Sounds from Tequila Town," consisting of all original songs written by Mark himself. He pays tribute to his heroes with his ballads like "My Heart” and “If We Meet Again" and his up-tempo edgier numbers like "The Road” and “Heart to a Strange Hand." "Sounds from Tequila Town" drew attention of Nashville’s Platinum Plus record label and they released "She's Gone," which broke the Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 by the end of 2004 and remained there for a record 32 weeks. This is an achievement establishing Mark as a bona fide artist and songwriter in the country music industry. 2009 became a landmark year for Richardson as he opened for national acts such as Gretchen Wilson, Whitney Duncan, The McClymonts and Kenny Chesney, as well as performing with such acts as Rodney Atkins, Luke Bryan, and Phil Vassar at the 2009 WYCD Downtown Hoedown. For Mark, staying busy and bringing great people great music is his passion. Though Mark has been actively writing and performing for years, he still remains one of the most professional and courteous artists on the scene. After a short hiatus from performing live, he became a temporary fill-in lead singer for the Steel Horse Band in 2012, while lead singer Alan Turner was on leave. In addition, Alan recorded a selection of Mark’s penned originals on his 2013 release “Ride On." Mark currently calls Brighton, Michigan home.


Aaron Jones

Bass Guitar

Aaron Jones.jpg

Aaron has played music since he was ten years old. Being a Michigan native, Aaron was one of many aspiring muscians who tuned in daily to popular Detroit/Windsor AM station CKLW. Because of this exposure to a wide variety of popular music, his interests are ecclectic, but his love is playing Modern Country. Aaron also gives an occasional nod to the classics and an overall love of American styled popular music from Burt Bacharach to The Ramones to Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Ashton Shepard and Sarah Evans. Aaron prefers American made Fender basses, and currently resides with his wife Anita, and their daughter in Huntington Woods, Michigan.


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