Problem Guys

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The Problem Guys
The Problem Guys Logo.jpg
Background Information


Metro Detroit


Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz

Years Active

2019 - Present


Detroit Blues Society


Chris Putt - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Burne - Guitar
Dennis Sikes - Drums - Percussion, Vocals


The Problem Guys: L-R Chris Putt, Dennis Sikes, Jeremy Burne

The Problem Guys aren't really a problem unless you consider great music, fantastic attitudes and unique musicianship a problem? The Problem Guys formed out of the Detroit Open Jam scene. Chris, Jeremy and Dennis were all musicians long before they met, but the one commonality they shared were the love of The Blues, particularly Detroit Blues.

As with several cities across the U.S., Detroit has its own style of Blues and Detroit Blues is the mold in which The Problem Guys formed. Each member, for years had been frequenting the Detroit local Open / Blues Jams and it was only a matter of time before these three gravitated towards each other.

If you need one word to describe The Problem Guys, it would be “diverse”. This combined with their talents, personalities, passion for the Blues and love for their fellow human being is what makes the this band of brothers so unique. You can certainly feel it through the music they play.

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