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Below is a list of Premade Templates you can use to create a page
To use - Open up selected page then Click Edit. Copy the code and paste into the new page you are creating.
Replace the Placeholder Text & Images with your Content.
Note: Everything between <!-- ***** --> in the code does not show on page, only in edit mode. Used for Editor Tips, Tricks & Advice in Page templates.
Keep in mind these premade templates are used as a starting point. Layout is not Set in Stone! Feel free to be creative to come up with a unique page.( Red Templates have not been created yet)

Template:BandPage Old
Template:BandPage w/Custom Infobox

Template:Musicians Page Old
Template:Musicians Page w/Custom Infobox

Template:Singers Page Old
Template:Singers Page w/Custom Infobox

Template:VenuePage Old
Template:VenuePage w/Custom Infobox

Template:Record Label Page
Template:Recording Studios Page


Adding Photos

Add a Photo Gallery