Pancho Villa's Skull

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Pancho Villa's Skull
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Photo by Mark McClelland
Background Information




Mariachi Punk

Years Active

2011 - Present


Equal Recordings


Tino Ybarra - Guitar, Vocals Rolando Ybarra - Percussion, Background Vocals

What do you get when you cross traditional Mariachi music with Punk rock snarl and attitude? The answer: Pancho Villa’s Skull.


Pancho Villa’s Skull was started by Tino Ybarra in 2011. While growing up in Pontiac, Michigan, Tino developed a love from Mariachi music through his grandfather on his mother's side who played trumpet in mariachi bands. He also, spent time in south Texas with his paternal grandfather who took him across the border to Mexico from time to time so, he could know where he came from. As, he got older he started playing in punk and ska bands around Detroit yet, he wanted to feel more connected to his roots.

He decided to create what he calls Mariachi punk and blended the acoustic instrumentation and other elements of the mariachi sound with the energy and political commentary of the classic punk music. Named after Mexican Revolutionary general Pancho Villa, whose skull was stolen from his grave in 1926, Pancho Villa’s Skull was originally a solo act featuring Ybarra on vocals and acoustic guitar. At the beginning of 2016 his brother Rolando Ybarra joined the band to play percussion and added to the sound heavily. Making the sound bigger but, maintaining a stripped down feel.


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