Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra

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The Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra
The Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra Logo.jpg
Background Information




Jazz, Pop

Years Active

2011 - Present


Joshua James - Saxes, Arranger, Composer, Bandleader
Tracy Kash Thomas - Vocals, Flute, Arranger, Composer
Jim Holden - Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Tracy Chesher - Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Justin Jozwiak - Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet
James O'Donnell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Glenn Bengry - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Andrew Meronek - Trombone, Arranger, Composer
Michael Zaporski - Piano, Composer
Jorian Olk-Szost - Bass
David Dionise - Drums



The Nighthawks Jazz Orchestra is a 10-piece jazz ensemble based in Detroit, Mi. The ensemble performs both original compositions and original arrangements of choice jazz standards as well as modern pop tunes.

Lead by saxophonist Joshua James, the N.J.O. is one of Detroit's premier musical organizations. While the ensemble's heart beats with the pulse of jazz, the N.J.O. performs original compositions and unique arrangements of jazz standards, pop tunes, and whatever else its musicians can get their hands on.

With its 4 woodwinds, 3 brass, and 3-piece rhythm section, the N.J.O delivers a vibrant and fresh sound to all of their unique instrumental and vocal arrangements. No timbre is off-limits to this ensemble as they experiment with a diverse range of sonic colors to match their dynamic arrangements.


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