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MObig (Music on Belle Isle Group) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the renovation of the historic Remick Band Shell on Belle Isle.

Erected in 1950 by Detroit music publisher Jerome H. Remick, the Remick Bandshell was a popular venue for summer concerts on Belle Isle performed by the Detroit Concert Band until 1980.

Leonard B. Smith and the Detroit Concert Band at Remick Bandshell
Photo: Detroit Historical Museum
Remick Bandshell today

Listeners would sit on the rows of green park benches, lie on blankets on the lawn, or sit in their canoes pulled up on the shore. The stage was 40 x 80 feet and could accommodate 80 musicians. The structure included restrooms, a radio control room, dressing and assembly rooms and storage. The design of the shell could push the sounds for a typical concert out to an audience of 10,000.

Since 1980, the bandshell has been neglected and is no longer usable. Summer concerts have disappeared from the island. The metro Detroit area is home to many passionate musicians who play in several area concert bands. A few of those musicians have formed MOBIG - Music On Belle Isle Group, dedicated to returning summer band concerts to Belle Isle and to restoring the Remick Bandshell.

MOBIG's first phase is to bring concert music back to the island with the additional purpose of bringing attention to the need for the band shell renovation. MOBIG has reached out to the pertinent agencies that manage Belle Isle State Park to get support for this effort. Several area community concert bands have already signed up for the inaugural River Blast concert series at a site near the bandshell for the summer of 2018.

2018 River Blast concert series line-up

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