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The Muggs
The Muggs Logo.jpg
Background Information



St. Clair Shores

Blues rock, hard rock

Years Active

2000 - Present


Times Beach Records


Danny Methric - Guitar
Tony DeNardo - Bass
Todd Glass - Drums

Past Members

Matt Rost



The Muggs formed in February of 2000. Guitar player Danny Methric and Bass player Tony DeNardo were playing in two bands at that time: The Detroit Underground Blues Band and Fat Belly Brown. Danny was hanging out at The Music Menu in downtown Detroit when he ran into Matt Rost, a local drummer that had actually been in Fat Belly Brown for about two weeks before leaving, as he decided his band workload at the time was too heavy. They got to talking and Danny found out that Matt had just quit his main project, The Immortal Winos of Soul. Danny mentioned that he was looking to do something different than Fat Belly Brown, something more "bluesy", and Matt said he'd be interested.

On October 2000, the band recorded their first EP demo to play to help get gigs. In March 2001, they were invited to play the Hamtramck Blowout, a music festival that involves hundreds of Detroit bands at nearly twenty different bars in Hamtramk City in Detroit, and continued playing more shows until September. In August 2001 they played the last Gold Dollar show ever and Cadieux Café's "Mussel Beach Music Festival." on September 2. They did not know that this would be their last show for quite some time.

On Tuesday, September 4th, 2001 bass player Tony DeNardo suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that nearly ended his life. He was completely paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak. DeNardo survived his stroke but was in bad shape.

Danny and Matt decided to not replace him. Instead, they became involved with several other groups until Tony recovered. These bands and projects included Over Under Sideways Down, the Kingsnakes, The Go, and the Paybacks. After three fundraisers for DeNardo, he was able to go to Southern California for some medical treatment that he hoped would speed his recovery. After two years of intense physical therapy, DeNardo emerged victorious, but with a paralyzed right hand. Determined to pick right back up where they started, DeNardo began playing his bass lines on a Fender Rhodes piano bass and the Muggs 2.0 were ready hit the stage. After signing with local indie label Times Beach Records in 2005, the Muggs released their eponymous debut and hit the road. That road eventually led to an audition for the FOX reality TV show The Next Great American Band, for which they were chosen out of over 10,000 applicants. They managed to last four episodes before heading home, where Methric was crowned Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist and the Muggs were voted Outstanding Rock Artist/Group at the 2008 Detroit Music Awards.

In October 2009, Matt Rost stepped down as drummer of The Muggs. Todd Glass, one of the most sought after drummers in Detroit replaced Rost.

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