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Motor City Soul
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Background Information




Funk, Soul, R&B, Motown, Pop, Rock, Blues

Years Active

2013 - Present



Robert Rasmussen - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Foster - Lead Vocals
Mike Harrold - Lead Vocals
Ross Kadish - Keyboards, Vocals
John Morgan - Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Nikollich - Drums
Kelley Rawls - Lead Vocals
Michael Whitehead - Lead Vocals



Motor City Soul performs a special repertoire enjoyed by diverse audiences of all ages

About a third of their playlist is Motown and similar music. Another third is dance funk, The other third is all over the map: Country to classic rock and r&b.

With eight musicians, 7 of whom sing, there is almost nothing they can't play. They cover nearly 50 years and 50 artists!


Robert Rasmussen

Robert Rasmussen.jpg

Robert brings 25 years of guitar experience to the band, and has been playing guitar since he was a teen.

Robert started out jamming with his high school buddies at Ward Church in Livonia and has since played in numerous bands over the years including such acts as 'The Classics Band', 'Billy Mack & the Juke Joint Johnnies' and has toured with the indie-rock band 'MORSEL'. Robert's most recent musical endeavor was with the dance rockabilly pop band called 'The Canastas'.

Robert's musical passion on guitar is rooted in 80's pop and R&B. He has become an accomplished country rock pop & funk musician. Robert's love for the Motown sound extends from his childhood growing up in Detroit and being surrounded by the sounds of Hitsville on the radio.


Kenny Foster

Kenny Foster.jpg

Kenny’s unique style mixes the original Motor City sound along with his very own musical talents, is one that can’t be compared. His vocal excellence has performed with the great legends as Rev. James Cleveland, The Temptations, Four Tops and with local groups, The Domino’s and The Players. Kenny’s versatile, local blend of Gospel, Blues and Rock can be called the“Motown Sound” along with his charisma, will keep a crowd on the edge of their seats, tapping their feet.


Mike Harrold

Mike Harrold.jpg

Mike, born in Alabama, home in Detroit, MI. Mike started singing professionally at age 17 as the lead singer with The Shades of Blue, a local R&B group. Mike has 13 years experience in musical theater to add to his repetoir. You may remember Mike in For Your Ears Only (R&B) as lead and backround; or as lead and backround in The Dynamics (R&B). Mike's Gospel experience as lead & backround includes Spiritual Parader's, Mighty Men of Valore, and Testify


Ross Kadish

Ross Kadish.jpg

As a lifetime resident in Michigan , Ross studied music therory and composition at Wayne State University. Ross has spent over 3 decades mastering the styles of progressive,rock classic rock, pop, jazz, funk and blues while playing with numerous bands in the metro Detroit area.


John Morgan

John Morgan.jpg

John says his parents had him singing with his brothers before he could talk. He started playing musical instruments at a very young age, but he always had an ear for bass. When he auditioned as a lead guitarist for an original rock band, he took a bass along and instead became the bassist. He’s never looked back and has played bass with 3-piece to 17-piece bands and everything in between playing all kinds of music from folk to big band to rock and R&B doing live performances of just about every kind and some commercial studio work.


John Nikollich

John Nikollich.jpg

John DRIVES the Motor City Soul "bus", powering the band and the audience through the music in a way that demands your attention. Raised in the Detroit Metro area, John picked up his first set of drums from the curb on trash day when he was 6 years old. He has played professionally since age 15. His musical experience includes playing in blues, rock, top 40, Christian and orchestra bands. John has an energetic style and has played with members of Rare Earth and the George Duke band.


Kelley Rawls

Kelley Rawls.jpg

Kelley Rawls, lead singer and newest member. Kelley studied musical theater and dance at Point Park University Conservatory in Pittsburgh and attended Circle In The Square Theatre School on Broadway.

Kelley has performed with The Micheal Chekhov Theatre Company in lower Manhattan and with Inmates of the Theater Asylum Theatre Company of Los Angeles. She has also fronted classic and R&B bands; and even a jazz trio. In her spare time, while in L.A., Kelley recorded an original pop album.


Michael Whitehead

Michael Whitehead.jpg

Singing just seems to come naturally for Michael. As former lead vocalist for Serpentine Fire, an Earth, Wind, and Fire tribute band, Michael further developed his first tenor voice as well as a very strong falsetto that will rival anyone in the business. Michael has performed with several other groups in the Metro Detroit area including D Tour, Hidden Agenda, The Saints of Soul, Larry Lee and Back in the Day as well as performing as front man for his own project, The Michael Whitehead Band.



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