Monsieur Guillaume and His Zydeco Hepcats

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Monsieur Guillaume and His Zydeco Hepcats
Zydeco Hepcats.png
Background information
Origin Detroit
Genres Zydeco
Years active 2010 -Present
Monsieur Guillaume - Accordion

Erich Goebel - Guitar
Frankie Lee - Bass
Mike "Ziggy" Ziegeler - Drums & Precussion
Prez "Butch" Morris - Frottior & Precussion
"Doctor" Dave Watson - Congas & Hand Precussion
Joe LaBeau - Tenor & Baritone Saxophone

Past members
Wailin' Dale - Founder


Monsieur Guillaume and His Zydeco Hepcats is six piece band that plays a unique blend of Zydeco, blues, and roots music. With a lineup that includes accordion, frottoir (rub board), guitar, bass, drums, percussion and blues harp, the music fuses the joie de vivre of the Big Easy with the gritty energy of the Motor City


Monsieur Guillaume

Monsieur Guillaume.JPG

Monsieur Guillaume has been making music since he was six and started playing college keg parties when he was 15. Classically trained on the piano and self-taught on the accordion, he has written radio jingles, composed industrial film scores, worked as a studio musician, and held down house gigs all over the Motor City at venues ranging from Cobb's Corner to the Ritz Carlton.


Erich Goebel


In the talented hands of Erich Goebel, a guitar becomes a WMD – a Weapon of Musical Delight. His blazing solos and scintillating rhythm riffs leave audiences stunned, speechless…and hungry for more. A Detroit area native who lived and played in Colorado and California before returning to the Motor City, Erich is a proven veteran of both the stage and recording studio. Whether leading his own blues trio, The Flying Crowbars, or grooving with Monsieur Guillaume, this hep cat always delivers a solid performance.


Frankie Lee


With his solid chops and funky licks, respected veteran Metro Detroit bass player Frankie Lee adds a solid bottom to every jam. Frankie also has a sweet lead vocal sound that adds yet another spicy flavor to the musical jambalaya served up by the Zydeco Hepcats.


Mike "Ziggy" Ziegeler

Ziggy Ziegeler.jpg

Mike Ziegeler has been part of the blues and roots rock scene in Metro Detroit for decades as both a side man and band leader and along with Wailin' Dale, he was the cofounder of the Zydeco Hepcats. With his driving rhythms on the drums Ziggy is the battery that charges the whole group.


Prez "Butch" Morris


Perez is a long time regular member of the Motor City's progressive music scene. As a vocalist and high-energy drummer he has been the driving force behind some of Detroit’s iconic punk and indie bands, including Robb Roy and can be seen regularly around town backing favorite Detroit performers like David Winans Jr. Now, he’s bringing his raw Motor City energy to the Zydeco Hepcats.


"Doctor" Dave Watson

Dave Watson.jpg

With a PhD in Phunk plus advanced studies in grooving, Doctor Dave rounds out the rhythm section of the Zydeco Hepcats and helps to deliver their signature sonic energy. A long time staple of the blues and improvisational music scenes in both Detroit and Chicago, Dave picked up his chops as a drummer and percussionist working with a long list of the solid solo artists and groups, including a stint as drummer and founding member of the jazz/blues fusion group, That Jive. He can also be seen around town performing regularly with Detroit acts like Low Key Sounds, Tosha Owens and The Stable Dudes and RJ's Soul & Blues Gang.


Joe LaBeau

Joe LaBeau.jpg

The newest member of the Zydeco Hepcats, Joe LaBeau has been a staple of the Detroit music scene since 1984 and has played on the stage and in the studio with a long list of top Motor City acts. Joe has also honed his chops playing with a string of great players at Blues Etc. in Chicago, as a member of the house band at Chase’s in Hendersonville, TN, and working with Colene Walters down in Nashville.


Wailin' Dale

Wailin' Dale.JPG

Motor City harmonica master Wailin’ Dale (1958-2015) was the one who first decided that Detroit needed its own Zydeco band. That's how the Zydeco Hepcats were born in 2010. For years before that, Wailin' performed around the Motor City and throughout the region with the Alligators (a group he co-founded), the D.T.’s, and pretty much anyone and everyone who was making great blues music. As a front man, a side man, a teacher, or recording artist, Wailin Dale always brought profound personal energy and a deep knowledge of roots music to every gig. His big sound will be sorely missed.



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