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Mission Detroit Photography
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Background Information




Terri Zyskowski, Donald Davenport

Years Active

2013 - Present


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Mission Detroit Photography is a company started by two old friends Terri Zyskowski and Donald Davenport in 2013. Their friendship began 30+ years ago, As life went on they went separate ways. Through the miracle of Social Media some 25 years later, They reconnected and their friendship resumed like riding a bike. With both having a love for music and having fun and needing to get away from life, they planned an impromptu getaway to the west coast of Michigan to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan. Tehy got to a beach just in time!! Simultaneously and quickly getting out of the truck, then rifling through all of the road trip stuff in the back seat, doors slammed, and there they were at the front of the truck, both holding cameras. Not knowing the other had brought one or what their intentions were for getting to that sunset.

They dubbed that trip and all of their following trips, ‘Photog Missions’!! Through the trips and nonstop collaborations and critiquing of each other’s work, they realized tehy might have stumbled on to something, something that kept getting better and magical. And as we were posting our images on FB, people started reaching out to us individually and as a team to shoot stuff.

Because of their love for photography, all the magic that comes with it, the encouragement from their friends, family and each other and realizing they shared a dream they didn’t know they had, Mission Detroit Photography was born.

Terri and Don shoot just about everything including a lot with the local music scene.

Terri Zyskowski and Donald Davenport

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