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Established in June of 1996, The Michigan Accordion Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization who's purpose is to promote the accordion as a versatile instrument which is capable of accompanying music styles of all types.

With over 280 members MAS is made up of professional musicians, instructors, people who play for their own enjoyment, musicians and singers who enjoy performing along side accordionists and those who just like accordions and accordion music.

They are a very enthusiastic and active Society that coordinates monthly music events that are open to the public and feature a wide variety of accordion music through both professionals and amateurs accordionists as well as other singers and musicians who perform a wide variety of instruments performing along side accordionists. Members perform at many public venues and promote the use of the accordion which has benefited our community by generating significant funding for cancer research, to help feed the hungry and to bring smiles to Seniors in retirements homes and to children in our public and private school settings.

Another mission of MAS is to provide music scholarships to young, non-professional music students studying the accordion. Scholarships assist them with music lessons or provide assistance with entry fees, travel and hotel accommodations when participating in accordion competitions sanctioned by the Michigan Accordion Society.

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