Mercury 7

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Mercury 7
Background information
Origin Fraser, MI
Genres Classic Rock, Adult Alternative
Years active 2005 - Present
Mark Kozera – Guitar and Vocals

Mitch Kozera – Drums and Vocals
Stephen Kowalczyk – Guitar and Vocals
Bill Shereda - Bass Guitar
Mark Druckmiller – Keyboards and background vocals
Dave Schreiber – Studio production

Past members


Mercury 7 is a five piece classic party rock party band hailing from Fraser, Michigan. What makes Mercury 7 unique is the presentation of the deep cuts songs people grew up listening to, and the music that stands the test of time, in a way that makes you feel like you are hearing your favorite bands live in an intimate club setting.
Mercury 7 is anchored by twin brothers Mark on lead guitar/vocals and Mitch Kozera on drums/vocals. On bass guitar is Bill Shereda, and he goes back with Mark and Mitch to the very beginning, when they all played together as teens. On guitar and vocals is Stephen Kowalczyk and Mark Druckmiller, on keyboards rounds out the lineup.
Dave Schreiber plays a critical role in crafting the band’s onstage sound and their recorded products. In addition to being a skilled DJ, Dave is responsible for fine-tuning the room presentation and interacting with fans and patrons.



CD & Digital:

  • The Time Is Now (2014)

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