Marble Bar

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Marble Bar
Marble Bar Logo.jpg
Background Information


Fall 2015


1501 Holden St
Detroit, Michigan


7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Monday - Sunday


(313) 338-3674


Events page on Facebook


The Marble Bar is a a live music venue bar that opened in the Fall of 2015 in the space formerly occupied by the Detroit Eagle, a gay leather fetish bar that closed in 2010.

Completely redone from its previous life as gay bar the Marble Bar trimmed with wood, gold and marble. It’s set into the bar, the wall behind the bar, even the floors. Booths line one side of the spacious room with the bar on the other. The stage is under an upstairs lounge that allows for a birds-eye view of people-watching the crowds below. Playing everything from electronic music to experimental industrial rock, dark psychedelic and supernatural sounds, and Southern indie rock and depending on the night, you’ll be treated an eclectic mix of modern musical artists and bands.


The Marble Bar is located on Holden at Trumbull in the New Center area. Back in 1948, there was a Marble Bar and it was located in a former bank building at Hamilton and Warren. The spot reportedly got its name from the excess of marble which used to be used in banks. When the Lodge expressway was built, Marble Bar had to move. For a time it relocated to Trumbull at Forest in Woodbridge and then was torn down to pave way for a growing Wayne State University.

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According to local legend, President Harry Truman first made the original Marble Bar famous. In 1948 on his campaign trail on a Hot Labor Day, Harry was marching along in a parade and as he passed the Marble bar he decide he needed a beer and just stopped in. 'The Marble Bar became famous over night'.


Some of the Artists that play at the Marble Bar

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