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Majestic Theatre
Background Information






4120-4140 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI.


(313) 833-9700

Current Owner

Joe Zainea
Also known as Pappa Joe




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The Majestic Theatre is a theatre located at 4126-4140 Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. Today, the theatre is mainly a music venue. It hosts a variety of musical concerts in three separate areas of the building: The Majestic, The Majestic Cafe, and The Magic Stick.


The Majestic Theatre, designed by C. Howard Crane, opened on April 1, 1915. The theatre originally seated 1,651[2] people (at the time the largest theatre in the world built for the purpose of showing movies), and the facade was designed in an arcaded Italian style. In 1934, the front 35 feet of the theatre were removed when Woodward Avenue was widened to its present size. The entire facade was redesigned into its current striking Art Deco motif by the firm of Bennett & Straight. The theater now boasts the largest enameled metal panel Art Deco facade in the Detroit metropolitan region. The theatre eventually closed, and the building was used as a church for a time, and later as a photographic studio. It lay vacant for ten years. The present owner Joe Zainea purchased the building in 1966. There is a myth that legendary magician Harry Houdini gave his last performance on stage here, on Halloween night 1926. In fact, Houdini last performed at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit and died a few days later of peritonitis at Detroit's Grace Hospital on October 31, 1926.

Today The Majestic Theatre is known as the Majestic Theatre Center includes the Majestic Café, The Majestic Theatre, The Magic Stick, Sgt Pepperoni’s Pizzeria and Deli, The Alley Deck, and the Garden Bowl (aka the Rock-N-Bowl).

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